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Am I a revolutionary? – the first chapter!     

It is a course for future revolutionaries
I also recommend that the police academy introduce this course for future police officers !

Plop Andrei – Provoker 

(Am I a revolutionary? Am I a Spy? Am I a gay? Did I work for interpol? Am I the new Nelson Mandela? Am I a Nazis? Who am I? ) 

In the media, I was criticized by the opposition and the Communist Party. Each party had made a documentary film about the April 6-7 events and in each film I appeared!
On the evening of April 7, I had done my luggage and went to a friend. I told my close friends,  If someone will ask you, answer them that I am in Ukraine, that I am in the hospital, that I was arrested, etc. Having as purpose misinforming secret services while I was in a “forced journey” through Moldova.
I was not in a place for more than a week. When you’re not looking for the crunch You do not even attract attention to cops, but when you’re a fugitive, you see any cop at any distance and you start to beat your heart very quickly!

There are also video films appearing in the media, In which each television came with a conspiracy theories And in this movie I also appeared!
When I was traveling through Moldova, I tried to seem as discreet, calm and smiling, I was making jokes, but I was taken by surprise when a policeman came from a building and looked directly at me and he remembered he saw me somewhere But he can not remember exactly where he saw me! And he went to me, there were only a few seconds in which I had to act! If I started running that moment, he realized I was the guy and obviously he was trying to catch me!
He seeing
and he is heading for me, and I started toward him. I had a luggage in the back (red) while I was walking towards the cop’s direction with a hand I opened the bag and took out a Bible And I first ask the cop: if he does not want to get closer to Jesus?

His reaction was on the way! He annoyed me and sent me in an intimate place! I was forced to practice all my artistic abilities and after I got away from this situation, I was glad I practiced acting and dances (sports and folk). His reaction was very aggressive! He annoyed me and sent me in an intimate place!

During that time, I was trying to cross the border in Romania, but at that time all the border guards were in the maximum alert and it was impossible to pass. Three youngsters (officially) died in those protests, but the special services were organized as if they were hung up (although the whole body was hunted). In the evening of April 7 arrests began, People who have managed to flee, they escaped, Who have failed, Were beaten in police commissariats!

They organized a corridor, when on the one hand and the other were policemen with sticks, the young men had to go through this corridor and they received blows from one side and the other side!

It is a feature of the Communist regime to make arrests at night, I liked history, and the theme of my license was “the policy of repression in the USSR!” I was never a good student, I always leave the essays on the last day, but I always wanted to collect information from time and made notes for my work!

The bachelor’s work is still a scientific work, which I was able to write, and I wrote the information that seemed to me the most interesting I kept in my brain! After two months when the situation calmed down I returned home, I found out that the secret services were at home and they were looking for me!
When I returned to university, the dean of the faculty, Ludmila Coa, and the secretary of the faculty told me that the security services were looking for me. The Science Coordinator said that when he was discussing in the licensing committee, Professor Pavle Parasca  with his humorous style said: he probably does the practice now and he understands better now what communist repression  means!

The Prosecutor’s Office opened a criminal case because of the April 6-7 events! I understood the methods of functioning of the communist regime, but I did not understand the procedure in the case of a criminal case and how to defend yourself!

The lawyer warned me that now the prosecutor will will ask me a few questions! When you have to answer no, I’ll hit you under the table!

I was hit very often by the lawyer! Then I decided that I would still do a law school but outside the country
Then I learned that it is better to prevent some things, and what I have done so far has been to avoid some things to fall! The role of a legal adviser within a company is the greatest value to avoid coming to court!
at one of the meetings I had with the group before the revolutionThe question what I put to the group: What is most important to us: The stones, the glass from which the parliament is built Or our freedom. Surely in any state these buildings are national symbols.

But we wanted to attract the attention of the international community, That here is a new generation And this could only be done through challenges. We were a small group of naives, romantics young people But keen to change in Moldova! Our advantage was that most of the secret service attention was given to opposition leaders. We knew that the elections in 2009 will be different from the previous ones, given that, after eight years of Moldova’s leadership by Vladimir Voronin (perhaps modified), the Moldovan youth did not want the Communist Party to lead us for another 4 years!

I was only 20 years old and if I could say I had 4 years of political experience!

I first participated in a political event when I was 16 and was in high school! The party that made the presentation was then very popular among Moldovan youth and organized the most anti-communist protests!
I started to participate in the events organized by this party. At the age of 18 I obtained my membership card (according to the Moldovan legislation you can become a party member only at the age of 18)

In 2006 When I received my membership card, I had my eye hunted after a beating. When my membership card was handed to me, the president of the district branch (with a very wide smile) tells the party’s president that he was fighting with the Communists! (We all laughed)

In 2007 I was a candidate for local councilor, and in 2008 I decided to go to another party! In 2009 on April 5 I was a candidate for the position of deputy in the Parliament of Moldova on the list of the party
It was an electoral campaign with many challenges, but for the age of 20 I was very smart, but I was lacking experience!

I activate in the party and within the group of activists! We had a pretty strange method to meet, one day, It was set an hour, In which everyone listens to the radio, An activist of the group, He had to call the radio and congratulate a person, anonymous, Whom he congratulates with birthday And invite her friends to birthday in a location!

I know that it seems unbelievable that some young people make a change, I would say it is impossible, because some people with more influence can not change in a country, why could they do some young people, especially when we talk about Communist regime!
When I remember those events I find it funny but I must admit that we were very afraid because our life was in danger! The discussions we have had will never come out, it was an understanding that we had and we still respect!
Because they are effective methods of destroying a dictatorial regime and their publication would only make dictatorial regimes take countermeasures against all the

April 5, 2009 I spent it with members of the party, because it was the day of parliamentary elections and I was the youth president of a district branch! I was responsible for the observers and the representatives of the voting sections of the branch!

It was a new party and the electoral campaign usually starts when the last one is over! The slogan of the electoral campaign was Moldova without corruption, a good slogan but in a country like Moldavia where doctors, teachers are forced to receive the bribe, just for the simple reason they have to survive, they do not vote for a party with such a slogan , For the simple reason that she thinks it’s gonna come and they’re arresting us all while we’re talking about high-level corruption!

In the autumn of 2009 I began to give up arrears at the university,
After the Communist regime changed with a new leadership, called the Alliance for European Integration, it seemed to me that everything was calmed down!

I was in the last year of college, I was more concerned with studies! I participated in all possible conferences organized by the EU, the OSCE, NATO, and I started studying German as well (for the simple reason that most of them studied English and German was spoken by very few people).

The situation was different now because if you criticized the new leadership of the government you were immediately declared communist, although the new leadership received support in the international community they were only mimicking the reforms!

The people who worked in force during the communist government continued to work and some of them were advanced! Seeing the new leadership took over the communist practices, we young people, we decided to make a party!

But most of the population hated parties
 So we decided to make each person an NGO, to attract as many young people and then to attract them to the party! I tried to open two organizations.

A national NGO, ROOseveltMD and a branch of an international organization (Lions Club)! It was a brilliant idea but thats time, I was no longer an anonymous person, I was in the security spotlight!

We can not meet again no matter how much we try! We also had problems with obtaining financial resources, being ourselves students with limited budgets. I supported the license, and I participated in an international field! In September 2010 there was a referendum in Moldova, where citizens were invited to answer if they want the country’s president to be elected by direct vote and not by parliament! .

No required number of votes has been accumulated as the referendum has been validated! After this referendum, I was called from the General Prosecutor’s Office as a witness on the events of 6-7 April 2009! This time I did not get a quote! I was warned that if I did not make false statements about Anatol Matasaru (an activist stood out as protesting with a pig dressed as a prosecutor) and Anatol Petrencu (the leader of the party I was part of).

On April 7, I took the flag together with other young people (4-5 meters and we had to take it to 3 people) we went to the Administration and Interior Ministry and protested, and later we went With this flag in front of the government! The protest was divided into two parts: one in government (peaceful protest) and the other at the presidency and parliament (aggressive protest)!

We loved what was happening at the presidency and parliament, for one day, we young people felt like the communists are afraid of us!

 I was warned that if I did not make these false statements, they would make me a criminal case, the prosecutor told me in a joke (a joke I could not laugh) what criminal case do you want? One of rape or one of drug trafficking!

I said to the prosecutor that I will make false statements but only if the prosecutor makes a quotation and if it is possible for me to come after my birthday 28.09 1988. I knew if I said no, they would start the trial right away, so at least I had time to act. If I went public and said the current government was trying to make a file, they declared me a psychic, paranoid, etc! In my Licence Work I understood the following fact: there were 3 types of getting rid of a person !!
1) making a criminal case!
2) referral to psychiatry!
3) Liquidating the person! It was working according to the person and his / her status! One thing was common to all these facts – the discrediting! The person in charge of the regime was supposed to Discredited in front of the public community, in front of the family! If I refused, I had to choose one of those situations that should happen to me and the other side I had to destroy the lives of two innocent people! I am not the only case in which prosecutors have pressed, there are other cases! It is known that in the USSR there is the following quote: Let man be, as a criminal case we do!

September 28, 2010 I invited my friends to birthday. He was in a place next to Railway Station, and I had the luggage prepared with me! They were my closest friends, they had no idea what I was going to do, not even my mother and sister knew the true reason for which I was leaving!

To the question of where I go and why I have the luggage prepared: I say that I go to study in Belarus at the Faculty of Theology! My friends seemed very strange to me, but I explained to them that in August I was in a religious camp. In which young people from many countries participated. It was Organized by fridensgrund!

September 28th is the last day when I was in Moldova! On the train I met some girls from Belarus who were celebrating the last day of the trip to Moldova! Once I crossed the Belarusian border I called Alexandru, I met him at the Friedensgrund camp in Moldova

He was then a student of theology and I said that in 3 hours I will be in Minsk, please meet me! I met the whole team of the Belarusian who participated in that camp in Moldova! For four days I was in Belarus, I tried to open a visa at the German embassy, ​​but the embassy gave me a negative answer.

Plop Andrei – Provoker 

(Am I a revolutionary? Am I a Spy? Am I a gay? Did I work for interpol? Am I the new Nelson Mandela? Am I a Nazis? Who am I? ) 


Monday, August 02, 2010  Aproximativ 140 de tineri din mai multe ţări din Europa ca: Germania, Polonia, Ungaria România, Ucraina, Belarusia, Croaţia, Lituania, Bosnia şi Herţegovina, Franţa s-au dat întâlnire în luna iulie în tabăra Friedesgrund organizată în Republica Moldova în satul Creţoaia din raionul Aneni Noi. Tabăra are loc în fiecare an din 1990 în ţări diferite, Friedesgrund este o tabără a prieteniei între naţiuni şi confesiuni,care lucrează după principiul benedictin „ora et labora“, rugăciune şi muncă.Începând cu anul 1990, „ora et labora“ a devenit un principiu universal al câtorva zeci de tineri care se întâlnesc pentru a acorda ajutor celor care îi solicită. Prima dată, tabăra a fost în 1990 în Germania, când tinerii din vestul Germaniei au făcut un pelerinaj la unul din lagărele de concentrare naziste aflate la graniţa estică a Germaniei.

Seara Basarabenilor 
Cu toate că  nu sunt drumuri  bune, cu toate că vameşii le-au făcut surprize oaspeţilor organizatori în vamă, cu toate că nu avem o economie dezvoltată dar cu siguranţă putem să ne mândrim cu tradiţiile noastre: urăturile, colindele, dansuri populare, cu mâncarea noastră tradiţională, felul cum noi sărbătorim , dar moldovenii ştiu să sărbătorească, o explicaţie la faptul că avem drumuri rele ar fi aceea că noi sărbătorim prea mult. Pe data de 26 iulie a fost o seară specială pentru că a fost o Seară a Basarabenilor în care noi am arătat tot ce avem mai bun în Republica Moldova. Seara a început în mod tradiţional cu întâmpinarea oaspeţilor cu pâine şi cu sare şi desigur cu un pahar de vin, nu a lipsit nici mâncarea tradiţională, a urmat cântece populare, urături , colinde, dansuri populare , oaspeţii au fost entuziasmaţi de felul cum a cântat la caval Marian Platonov, aducem mulţumiri enorme fraţilor noştri români de peste Prut pentru că au cântat alături de noi, am urat împreună ,am dansat împreună,după părerea mea şi o spun cu cea mai mare mândrie că a fost o seară a tuturor românilor. După concert i-am invitat pe toţi la dansurile noastre populare nu a lipsit dansul pelinița foarte popular pe la noi. Foarte încântaţi au rămas după vizitele de la mănăstirea Căpriana, Orheiul VechiParticipanţii din Republica Moldova au avut posibilitatea să facă schimb de experienţă cu tineri din întreaga Europă, să lucreze împreună, să se roage împreună, să călătorească, să fie gazde şi ghizi pentru străini. Dorim să-i mulţumim pentru momentele plăcute organizatorilor : Casa Providenţei, Asociaţia de Voluntariat Internaţional din Moldova, Malteser International – organizaţie care îi ajută pe cei aflaţi în suferinţă având la moment diverse proiecte. Mulţumim tuturor locuitorilor din satul Creţoaia pentru că au fost solidari cu noi, şi au fost foarte receptivi, pentru că au muncit alături de noi, pentru lucrurile frumoase pe care le-am făcut pentru sat.
  Conferinţa Studenţească Inter-universitară la CID NATO
Thursday, August 05, 2010 La 22 aprilie 2010, în incinta Centrului de Informare şi Documentare privind NATO din Republica Moldova a avut loc o Conferinţa Studenţească Inter-Universitară cu titlul ”NATO în secolul XXI: noi eforturi pentru o lume mai sigură”. Conferinţa a fost organizată de către CID NATO în vederea marcării celei de a 61-a aniversări a Alianţei Nord Atlantică, creată la 4 aprilie 1949. Studenţii participanti au reprezentat următoarele universităţi: Universitatea de Stat din Moldova, Institutul de Stat de Relaţii Internaţionale din Moldova, Universitatea “Perspectiva INT”, Universitatea de Studii Politice şi Economice Europene din Moldova, Universitatea Liberă Internaţională din Moldova. 

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