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    Am I the new Nelson Mandela?       

Plop Andrei – Provoker 

(Am I a revolutionary? Am I a Spy? Am I a gay? Did I work for interpol? Am I the new Nelson Mandela? Am I a Nazis? Who am I? ) 

 According to the legislation in force in Belarus you can not stay for more than three days in Belarus without registration, in the 4th day I bought a ticket to Minsk – Warsaw coach,
 Without a Polish visa! It was October 4, 2010! When I got to the border of Belarus, I put myself somewhere in the middle.

The border police check my registry document and say:
The policeman – You stayed for a long time in Belarus and you exceeded the legal term of 3 days, where will your registration be?
I knew about this fact that I had to register, but I decided to lie because in this game was my life and there was too much risk to tell the truth for two reasons:
1) in order not to be sent to Moldova
2) being considered one of the organizers of the twitter revolution in Moldova, there is a risk that my Belarusian friends who helped me, it is possible for them to have problems with Alexandru Lukasenko’s regime, which is known in Europe as a dictatorial regime and any form of protest is harsh grounded. My answer was :
I did not know about these 3 days and about registration, all these 4 days I stayed in a student hostel of BGU (Belarassian State University) and I signed a collaboration agreement at the level of student senate between the International Free University From Moldova and Belarassian State University, if you want I can show you the contract that I signed (contract I did not have)
The cop – No, you do not have to show me.
After which he looks into my passport
The policeman – you do not even have a Polish visa, how are you going to cross the border?

Andrei Plop – Do I have an International Student Book, ISIC, to show you? (It was a bank card with my back picture released by Moldova Agroindbanc and it was opened when I applied for the Work and Travel program).
The cop – Yes!
He was looking at this bank card, after his reaction was something new to him!
Politician – Is this card expired?

Andrei Plop – here is not the month and the year, here is the day and date! In Moldova we have to return the card when we graduate to obtain the diploma!
The policeman – what is your purpose in Poland?
Andrei Plop
I was invited to attend an international conference at the University of Varsszszs … (I did not know Polish and it was very difficult to read)
The policeman – Warszawski

Andrei Plop – Yes, Warszawski and my presentation is called “Moldova’s Prospects for Integration into the European Union! (To which I also present a confirmation letter that I participated in a course organized by the EU and was signed by Wolfgand Behrendt
The policeman – but where is your invitation?
Andrei Plop – we are in the 21st century and all the invitations are sent by e-mail!

The policeman looks at the passport, looks at the card, looks at the confirmation letter, looks at me!
Andrei Plop. – If you do not believe me, can you call the university?
With the expression of an intelligent and superior man The policeman replies:
– It’s two o’clock at night, who will answer me now ?!

After which he puts my stamp in my passport and I go on as if that should be the case! (I was thinking then that it was a good thing I did acting and dancing at school)

At the border of Poland I asked for political asylum, here could not go like this in Belarus! They took me to a room and after a break of 10-15 minutes a policeman came and started to ask me questions, then he leave, after 5 minutes comes another and ask me all questions, go and come back both and again questions!

After checking out the carnet That I was a candidate for the post of deputy in the Moldovan Parliament
  I also received an answer from them: The Embassy of Poland from Chisinau confirms that you were a candidate for the position of deputy in the Moldovan Parliament and that you have been active in the Politics!
I was taken to Terespol, it was a train station! It was at 5-6 am and I had an interview again, but this time it was with a lady and I explained the reasons for asking for asylum and how I crossed the border! They were more interested in me than I crossed the border of Belarus, because there were cases when citizens with dual citizenship of Moldova and Romania (the EU member state could not cross the border of Belarus and I crossed the border with a bank card!

After I gave the little interview I was taken to the room and once more the Polish customs came along with the lady who took the interview (I heard their roar in the corridor) went into the room and asked the lady: that’s him ? That’s him!

Perhaps throughout her career they have encountered all sorts of situations but one like this was the first time! Some of them expected to have at least 1.80 meters, and others were fascinated, as one like this could break the entire Belarusian customs! The first thing I saw when I got to the asylum center was the fact that most asylum seekers were from caucasus!

I was invited to give an interview in details about why I ask for political asylum! I was surprised by the questions that they ask me. On the one part, it seemed to me that they did not know reality in Moldova, and on the other part, most states in the EU declared Moldova as a successful country. Those that I declared during the interview in 2010 proved to be 90% later.

I do not want to go into detail, but one thing that they smiled at me then was when I told them that the more they manage Moldova, the less the population’s interest towards the EU will drop! During my stay in a refugee center, I learned more about culture and traditions of caucasus! The pleasant surprise was the Georgians! We were very open to each other and created a friendship between us, we are sharing experience with each other! We heard all kinds of interesting stories!

A real case of a refugee that I probably will never forget! During that time, when Georgian leadership was Mihail Saakashvili, all EU leaders knew who Sakashvili was, and who said that human rights were not respected in GEORGIA and that Sakashvili is a dictator had no chance of obtaining refugee status so some Refugees have had to adapt!

Many have started to say they are of different sexual origin, for a very short period of time they started to receive documents, but after they got it, those who said they were of another sexual orientation, They were marrying! The majority who came from Georgia were trained by friends what he has to say at the interview.

So they started to interview them if they are sexually different or not! A Georgian not prepared for the new tactics of the Dutch,
He was a judo fighter And he used sport-specific techniques that he broke a few ribs on the Dutchman! The Georgian was deported to Georgia but the one who told me that history: He tells me that he did not do the right thing! I was thinking too much! But he continued: He could not say I did not change my partner!

Though you probably read this text, it sounds like it’s miserable. ! That situation can only be understood by another refugee! Because when you ask for protection you are put in a position to lie, the authorities are imposing you on your mind! Because otherwise you are still in a situation of being deported, and some of the people have sold their house, the car to pay for travel to the EU!

You have to bring a lot of evidence and there are also relations between states, when some states do not want to break their relations between states because of a refugee! State interests dominate human rights! In my case, I had a lot of evidence, both video, pictures and quotes from the prosecutor’s office! But according to their logic you have not suffered enough! You had to sit for about 3-4 years to be destroyed in prison, to get sick of all the diseases and then to come and ask for asylum!

Then what is the role of asylum since you are already a broken person! I stayed in a room with a Cuban citizen and he looks like Jazzy! We had something in common! We both hated communist regimes! I heard all sorts of Castro stories that seemed awful! We have problems with part of the Caucasus (Muslim) population. Biala Podlaska was a temporary center for asylum seekers, and friends I knew were assigned to other centers! We are left in this city! We asked for help from the authorities but they replied that they were not responsible for the relations between the refugees! I’ve been working with taekwon-do and I know how to fight, but I’m not a warrior alone on the battlefield!

Cuban, Mauricio Gonzalez was attacked one evening in a club by people who should protect him! Being forced to defend he used the knife! He seriously injured two people!

 After this case I decided to go to Germany, although according to the law I was forbidden to leave Poland until a final answer is given to me! Once in Germany, I went to a police station and asked for asylum!

I was in the city of Pasewalk a German city on the border with Poland! I was handed over to the border police! I have tried all the time to prove that I have activated in politics, but they have not even tried to give a search on the net to see who I am!

I did not sleep for two days because I was on my way! I did not take a direct route, I took several buses from Biala Podlaska (a city near the border with Belarus) and Pasewalk! And the third day when I tried to sleep, they came from time to time and they were checking the room, if I was asleep, they were pulling the door so hard that I woke up! I was taken to judgment the next day! I could not even say two words that I was very tired! And when the process is over, I woke up, I was clutching my hands! It was the first time I got kicked! It was a terrible feeling! I could not believe it

When I was in Poland and talked to other refugees about what to do if you went to Germany and how to act, I could not believe it! I told them not to lie anymore! Now I was in a different situation, I was listening to what the refugees said! When the Germans handed me over to the Poles they apologized, they did a search on the net and they saw who I was! What I thank him enormously!

I still had a lawsuit when I arrived in Poland in Sceczin! This time I had decided to appear to me regardless of the situation, and after answering questions for an hour, the judge told the clerk to remove everything and write that the refugee had nothing to stand for two months in jail! When we arrived at a Krosno Odrzanski closed-type refugee center, the other refugees knew that we would come, a few days ago!

Although we were still in Germany and the trial still had no place! After two months I was given another three months to sit closed! The situation in this field was the following: they did not have the right to keep you for more than a year, but when you stayed for two or three days to be released, they woke you up at night and deported you! For three years only two people were released! I wrote a request for those from the international migration organization to be deported to Belarus, because in Moldova I could not go back! My request was accepted!

I arrived in Belarus with very little money in my pocket, I was very happy to be free and on the other hand I did not know what to do. I knew only one thing that I can not go back to Moldova. I decided to try again and ask for asylum in another country! From the money I had, I bought a Moscow-Casablanca ticket (with a stopover in London) the idea was that once I arrived in London to seek political asylum.

In Belarus I was staying without registration. Between Russia and Belarus there is no border control, it is kind of shengen to them! I bought a coach ticket and crossed the border smoothly! I spent only two days in Moscow, one of which night I slept in an internet cafe and the other at the airport. I also had a history that if they ask me what is my purpose in Morocco, I will answer that I’m going to marry a Moroccan girl whom I met in Poland!

I had spoken to my sister about the situation and asked her to buy an Estonian phone number from Sim Travel, which works everywhere and sells in moldova! And her role was that if someone called her from Russia she had to appear in English as my future wife! (Because the employees were English speakers)

I was the second in a row, in front of me was a blonde Russian woman with a very long red and yellow dress! The story I had prepared, and that girl had the same script, the same story! Exactly the same answers as I am! I was not ready for such a scenario! I did not have a B plan! I realized that they already know it all and if I call the next phone to my wife one question in Arabic and everything comes to the surface! Because my sister does not speak Arabic!

I was very tired after my experience in Germany and Poland, and now I was in a difficult situation too. The question that I asked myself! How the hell they found out! The only thing I was thinking was that they could have listened to my sister’s phone! I tried to open a visa at the Romanian Embassy in Minsk. When I presented myself at the embassy I was taken to ambassador questions!

He saw that I did not have a Polish visa but there was one entry stamp and another one stamped out, he asked me:
Ambassador – what did you get into Poland!
Andrei Plop – I was a volunteer in charity and I had an invitation from the Vatican, so I did not need a visa, and when I left Poland I left the document at the Warsaw airport!

Ambassador – why do not you open a visa in Chisinau?
Andrei Plop – I’m here in Minsk to a friend of Belarus at a wedding, and the wedding will be this Saturday, and next week is the holy of Andrew in Romania, and I was a very religious person and I decided to visit the church of Andrew the holy Romanian! And if I try to open in Moldova I just do not succeed.

I had made an online hotel reservation in Romania. The Ambassador checked and he gave me the Romanian visa!

Now there was another problem for me how to leave Belarus lawfully considering that I have no registration!If I crossed the Belarusian border with Ukraine, I did not have that registration and I was most likely to be asked, why did you spend so long in Belarus?
What was the purpose? Who did you stand for? And if they could see the Polish stamp in my passport, I woke up with criminal case like a spy in favor of Poland!

The relationship between Poland and Belarus is not one of the best! Then came the idea to leave Belarus through Russia because there was no border control, and how to get to Moscow to buy a ticket to Kiev! I arrived at Russia’s border with Ukraine. Russians asked me to register, but I said that only today I arrived in Russia and that I can stay 3 days in Russia without registration, I also had the ticket bought Minsk-Moscow.

They asked for Belarusian registration, but I told them that the registration remained in Belarus! I did not think you needed her! From Ukraine I arrived in Romania! And in Bucharest I asked for asylum! I was already accustomed to the reaction of Poland and Germany to the democratic path of Moldova, although the situation has become clearer! I was expecting the same reaction from the Romanian authorities too!

I have deposited the documents for Romanian citizenship (it is a possibility that Moldovan citizens who had grandparents or parents and who were born between 1918 and 1940 when Romania was part of Romania could obtain Romanian citizenship). I filed the papers for law school!

When I was admitted to the Romanian-American University in 2012, I was still an asylum seeker! Later I got Romanian citizenship! In 2013 I was admitted to the Master of International Relations, Analysis and Conflict Resolution! Also in the summer of 2013 I was in Cyprus and I worked in a nightclub as a security student to pay for university studies!

I have become quite a good analyst not only on the ex-Soviet space but also on the European Union! I started learning Polish at the Polish Cultural Institute in Bucharest!
  While I was an asylum seeker, I filed a criminal complaint against a girl with the Oprea family, having a relationship with a former Minister of Defense and a former Minister of Administration and Interior! But I quickly understood how things are, so I quit this request very quickly .                      

Plop Andrei – Provoker 

(Am I a revolutionary? Am I a Spy? Am I a gay? Did I work for interpol? Am I the new Nelson Mandela? Am I a Nazis? Who am I? ) 

Cronica implicării UE în reglementarea transnistreană


Seminar organizat de Universitatea Liberă Internațională cu scopul declarat de a prezenta perspective diferite asupra conflictului

Universitatea Libera Internationala a gazduit astazi un seminar despre istoria implicarii Uniunii Europene in rezolvarea conflictului transnistrean. Chiar daca a fost un seminar cu usile inchise, Paul Hodorogea a incercat sa afle de la studentii care au participat ce cunosc ei despre conflictul de pe Nistru.

Andrei Plop, student in anul anul 3 la facultatea de Relatii Internationale, are motive personale pentru care este interesat de subiectul problemei transnistrene. El este originar din Criuleni, localitate situata in vecinatatea imediata a regiunii transnistreane. El se declara convins ca problema transnistreana putea fi rezolvata demult, dar criza politico-economica din Republica Moldova a blocat procesul.

Andrei Plop: „Transnistria nu este o problema pentru noi. Fraţii de peste Nistru nu sunt o problema pentru noi. Problema este in armata a 14-a si in separatistul de Igor Smirnov”.Europa Liberă: Dar cum ar trebui rezolvat conflictul transnistrean?

Andrei Plop„Totul trebuie sa inceapa de la noi. Acolo este un regim autoritar, noi trebuie sa fim solidari cu ei, sa-i ajutam.”

Andrei Plop are opinii si despre demnitarii imputerniciti sa reglementeze criza. La parere sa, actualul responsabil in guvern de rezovarea conflictului, Victor Osipov, nu este cea mai buna candidatura, pentru ca are studii jurnalistice.

Andrei Plop„Trebuie sa punem oameni competenti, pot sa dau si un nume: Andrei Popov este un specialist foarte bun, la curent cu toata situatia. Trebuie sa ne orientam nu numai pe criterii politice, dar si profesionale.”

Am discutat si cu Vadim Purpurin, student si el la Relatii Internationale, care este originar din regiunea Transnistreana, prin urmare stie despre conflict nu doar din auzite.

Vadim Purpurin: „Din punctul meu de vedere conflictul nu exista. Cel putin nu pe baza etnica. Oamenii nu se discrimineaza. Conflictul exista numai la nivel de politicieni. In Transnistria exista un grup de oameni care cer independenţa. Dar Transnistria nu este in stare sa existe ca ţara independenta, poate exista doar ca parte a ceva mai mare. Cu timpul cred ca regiunea va reveni in componenţa Moldovei, dar pentru asta trebuie ridicat nivelul de viaţa aici, in asa fel transnistrenii vor vrea sa faca parte din Moldova.”

Dumitru Sura are foarte mulţi prieteni peste Nistru, de asta trece posturile vamale transnistrene foarte des.

Dumitru Sura: „Transnistria este un teritoriu nedeosebit de cel al Republicii Moldova.”

Europa Liberă: Si cand treci de aici in colo simţi vreo diferenţa in felul cum sunt oamenii, in atitudinea lor?

Dumitru Sura: „Trecerea de vama nu e o problema. Existenţa unui buletin este insuficient pentru a trece o vama. Oamenii de acolo sunt vorbitori de alta limba. Nu toti, dar majoritatea.”

Eva Posh, cea care a organizat prelegerile pentru studentii, ne-a spus ca seminarul este important pentru ca studentii afla detalii despre conflict nu doar din presa ci si de la reprezentanţi organizaţiilor implicate direct in solutionarea lui, Comisia Europeana de exempu.

Eva Posh: „Vrem sa le oferim studentilor diferite opinii, diferite perspective despre conflict. Cei care au fost intr-adevar interesaţi de aceste lectii, au invatat foarte mult”.

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