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August 26th, 2018
Usurpation of power in the state
• The oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, chairman of the Democratic Party in Moldova (DPM), while claiming to be pro-European, violates the rule of law in the state. Holding no public function and with DPM having gained only 16% of the votes in the 2014 parliamentary elections, Plahotniuc controls all the powers in the state – the Parliament, the Government, and the judiciary system. The monopoly of this oligarch has been acknowledged by the European Parliament in its monitoring report of May 2018.
The change of the electoral system with irregularities
• The DPM and Plahotniuc have lost the support of the population – various protests took place when Pavel Filip has been appointed as Prime-minister. Being aware of the possible defeat at the next parliamentary elections, DPM made a coalition with the pro-Russian Igor Dodon, leader of the Socialist Party in the Republic of Moldova (SPRM) to change the electoral system. The mixed electoral system was introduced with procedural irregularities, with serious violations of the principle of representativeness, and despite the fact that these irregularities were reported by the Venice Commission beforehand.
Intimidation of the civil society and the free press
• Over 80 per cent of television channels with national coverage are owned by political party members, with 70 per cent of the media market shares being directly controlled by the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc. These media resources are used to manipulate the public opinion and even attempt to discredit the European People’s Party. Moldova ranks 81st according to the World Press Freedom Index in 2017.
Invalidation of the mayoral mandate
• The mayoral elections from May 3rd, 2018 in the capital Chisinau were won by the pro-European candidate Andrei Nastase (coalition between PPDA (Platform Dignity and Truth Party) and PAS (Action and Solidarity Party).The mandate was not validated by the bodies of justice that are politically subordinated, the alleged cause being a live video placed on Facebook by Andrei Nastase encouraging people to vote. The reason of electoral campaign in favour of a candidate was not invoked.
The 1 billion dollar theft
• Major crimes have been committed in the Republic of Moldova and no person was held accountable for them: the theft of about 1 billion dollars from the banking system, known as the “Fraud of the Century”, as it represents the eighth part of the country’s GDP.
The Russian Laundromat
• In 2010-2014, the courts in Moldova were used for conducting money laundering operations, providing the legal basis for transferring over 22 billion dollars from the Russian Federation through the Moldovan banking system.

The control over the institutions of the Republic of Moldova for the purpose of personal enrichment creates an environment that is favourable for criminal activities not only in the Republic of Moldova, but also internationally. Moldova is thus becoming a source of political, economic, demographic and regional security instability at the eastern border of the Union European.

We, the participants in the protest of August 26th 2018, in Brussels, declare the following demands:

For the authorities of the Kingdom of Belgium and the European Union:

1. International investigation of theft of the 1 billion dollars and the Russian laundromat.
2. International investigation into

The Republic of Moldova Between democracy and dictatorship The Republic of Moldova Between democracy and dictatorship

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