The SLK 230

Nov 26, 2017
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The SLK 230 Compressor is a sport coupe-cabriolet (or to be more exact, a roadster) with convertible roof system. What can I say about this car? Firstly, this is a Mercedes, and secondly, this is again Mercedes. Now let’s find out what our hero is like! I’d like to start with the exterior, since external appearance is the most outstanding feature of this car. You only need to park this “baby” in a public area, retract the roof by pushing a button, open the tuned guillotine-doors, and the success is guaranteed- the crowd will stare at your vehicle in mute amazement. The roof of the SLK can be considered as a complete work of art. The process of retraction is really fascinating. Within 25 seconds, the car will be transformed from a roadster into a coupe. Moreover, this is not a rag roof, but a real rigid roof with a full-fledged heated rare window. The roof tightly fits the body, without any gaps. I’d also like to mention, that in spite of its sports appearance, the car conserves the classic style characteristic of Mercedes. Undoubtedly, this car was not designed for a quiet city driving- race track is the natural environment of this little beast. The SLK is created for active and confident people. In spite of its short wheelbase (2400 mm), the SLK was given a roomy engine compartment and it’s quite natural: such a solution improves the aerodynamic properties of the car and allows the engine to be placed as close as possible to the central part, which markedly improves the handling, since when the weight of the car is equally divided between the axles, the steering becomes more easy-to-handle. Under the hood of this little “baby”, there is a quite serious power unit. As you see on the photos, instead of 16-inch factory wheels, the car is equipped with 17-inch ones, which complete the sport appearance of this SLK. Co be continued…

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