The Fiat Coupe

Nov 26, 2017
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The two-door Fiat Coupe was first introduced at the Brussels Motor Show in 1993. Its predecessor is the Fiat Dino. The production of this model was set up in Turin, Italy. The exterior of this model was designed by Chris Bangle, and the interior by the world-famous Pininfarina. Perhaps that’s why the car looks so bright, dynamic and moderately aggressive. The harsh nature of this car is emphasized by the red brake calipers, perforated front brake discs and the exhibited glittering aluminum petrol cap in the style of a racing car. The slight protuberance of the headlights adds seductiveness to the appearance. The interior style is the logical continuation of the exterior. However, the interior of the Fiat Coupe is more traditional than the exterior. The body-colored stripe on the front panel, through which the separate round gauges are seen, is a long-forgotten classic genre. The pudgy steering wheel has two adjustment positions (on the height and length of the column). The style of gauges makes me feel like in a cockpit of an aircraft (a voltmeter, pressure indicator, oil temperature indicator, etc.). Your driving pride will be flattered by the large aluminum engine start button- everything is looks like in a real racing car. But in spite of its foppishenss, the Fiat Coupe is still a quite practical car, ideal for the city. The rear seats are comfortable not only for children, but also for adults. Unlike most two-door cars, this Fiat has a roomy trunk (300 liters). Three years after the production start, the car underwent restyling. The exterior of the Fiat Coupe, except the radiator grille, hardly changed. All the stylish details which made the car stand out on the background of other coupes remained unchanged. The basic changes were applied to the power plant of the car. The car was given a new twin-cam, five-cylinder 2L turbo-engine with a regulator of engine speed. This very engine is hidden under the hood of the car I tested. A few words about the driving properties: The car demonstrated mind-boggling results. The acceleration from 0-100 km/h the Coupe performed in 8 seconds! That was simply astonishing for a car which was manufactured in 1996. The maximal speed I managed to press out of this car was 239 km/h. Just think about it…239 km/h for almost a 20-year-old vehicle. The basic rivals of the Fiat Coupe are the CLK Mercedes and Porsche Boxter. And I am more than sure that neither of the rivals with the same age can demonstrate such results. But the biggest advantage of the Fiat Coupe is its price- it ranges from $6000-$10.000 in Armenia. So, if you plan to buy a CLK, Boxter or a BMW 3 series of the last century, just hold your horses.

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