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As for the engine, it has really become more elastic, but I wouldn’t say that the character has changed dramatically- herein, it would be more appropriate to talk about nuances. The engine functions more willingly, and seems to have become more sensitive to the pressure of the foot-throttle. The voice of the engine hasn’t changed at all- it roars and clanks like the previous version exactly reflecting the rough nature of the 350Z. Handling is the most enjoyable side of the 350Z. The tough and resilient suspension doesn’t annoy at all; on the contrary, it kind of disposes you to a fast driving. The car went through the cracks and bumps of Armenian roads without any hits only slightly tossing its passenger up and down. In the corners, Nissan almost never heeled over, no matter how fast I drove. The weigh balance of the axis: 53/47 in favor of the front part, which is considered as perfect by the engineers of the company. On sharp bends the front quarter was loaded, however, the 350Z obediently executed all the commands of the steering wheel. When coming out from a bend, the load distribution on the axels changed- the car leant on the rear wheels for a second and then moved like a bullet. The track adherence is simply astonishing- in order to fully conceive the racing charm of the 350Z, you should find a proper racing track-after a few laps, I am sure you will fall in love with this Nissan. The car instantly reacts to the slightest movement of the steering wheel. The tight control of the manual 6-speed gearbox helps you accurately change the speed gear; the clutch, which functions with the highest precision, enables you to never lose precious moments at intensive accelerations. The braking system was also impressive: the powerful Brembo support will easily stop the car at high speeds without a hint of overheating. Having spent a whole day with the 350Z, I can testify that this coupe is one of the best in its class. Nissan 350Z is a true sports car, which can be used every day. On weekends, it is sure to give you immense fun on racing tracks.

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