Porsche Cayenne

Nov 26, 2017
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The Porsche Cayenne has been an absolute hit for the last few years. Initially, the public was reluctant to accept this SUV produced by one of the legendary car manufacturers of all times, since it had the same roots with Volkswagen Touareg. But when the fans of the genre tried this mixture of speed, off-road ability and luxury, the car gained in popularity within weeks. Automotive cooperation and unification often produce controversial results, since the creation of a car is not based on design concept, but on financial and marketing component. It’s obvious that the Cayenne has more in common with the Touareg than with other representatives of the family. When glancing at Porsche 911 and the Cayenne at the same time, it immediately becomes clear “who” the real Porsche is and “who” the carrier of the spirit of the legend is. This concerns not only the interior but also exterior. But, as soon as you start the engine, all these material observations pass into the background, since under the hood of this car there is a monster with a capacity of 500,5 HP (the figure “500,5” is the result of the vaunted German precision). Is the back part roomy? Can three adults feel comfortable on the back seats? How big is the trunk? All these questions are no longer important, when you take the wheel and start the rocket-acceleration of this car. I have tested cars with better handling, ride quality and travelling comfort, but as for acceleration, this car has been the best so far. In our times, you can hardly surprise anyone with the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, and therefore I tried the acceleration after 160 km/h, which was simply astonishing. Returning to domestic characteristics, I have to admit that the rear part of the salon is just a mite cramped for three passengers. Third-row seats are not available even as an option, but at the same time, the trunk lacks for useful volume. To my mind, such a big SUV could provide more comfort for the rear passengers. Unfortunately, the Cayenne can boast neither of smooth ride nor directional stability. It’s particularly uncomfortable the acceleration at full throttle on washboards of the asphalt. It requires some tension and concentration to keep the car in the lane after 90 km/h. The price of a used Cayenne ranges from $20.000 to $50.000 and judging by the abundance of this model, it can be considered as one of the most beloved cars of Armenians.

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