Mitsubishi Pajero

Nov 26, 2017
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This is the famous Mitsubishi Pajero produced in five various modifications for different countries. Whereas the forth-generation Pajero conquered the world, the Pajero Sport was successfully sold everywhere except Japan. Their younger brother called Pinin or iO was manufactured in Italy specially for Southeast Asian countries as well as for some South American regions. As for the Pajero Mini, the resourceful Japanese designed it only for domestic market. I guess the most eccentric version is the Pajero Junior or just Jr. manufactured between 1995 and 1998. With the length of only 3500 mm, this “baby” inherited not only the external features from the bigger Pajero, but also the ability to travel through the impassable. Now let’s slightly explore the car. This Junior was manufactured in 1996 and has a 1.1 L petrol engine. The packaging arrangement includes full electronic package, air conditioning, 3-speed automatic transmission and a selectable 4-wheel drive system with low and high gear ratios. I was pleasantly surprised by the capacity of the salon. Thanks to the high roof and low position of the seats, there is plenty of useful room inside the car. Although being designed for five passengers, in reality, the salon can comfortably take four. Five passengers can be crammed into the car, however. The dashboard is as plain as possible, so nothing can distract the driver’s attention. But the most promising thing in the car is the tachometer with the maximal 9000 rpm indication- the red line starts with 7000 rpm. In order to reveal the full off-road potential of this “baby”, I tested the car in a harsh and hilly terrain. And would you believe it, the Junior was almost as good as its “elder brother”. Moreover, I managed to reach the top of the hill just within seconds, as if the car had been on a straight road. I would like to particularly outline the performance of the 3-speed gearbox: everything was quick, smooth and with no delays. The steering control is very light, so you’ll never be annoyed during an active drive; but on the other hand, it becomes less informative at high speeds. The Jr. has a stiff suspension and great energy consumption. I’d also like to add that the 80 HP produced by the 1.1 L engine is more than enough for this light vehicle. But the biggest benefit of this engine is the low fuel consumption ( city- 9 L/100 km, highway- 5 L/100 km). So, if you plan to buy a little but a full-fledged offroader for about $5000, do not hesitate, the Jr. is the best option for you.

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