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I think the only downside of this engine is its acute dependence on fuel quality. The TSI engine has also been criticized by some specialists for a sluggish nature; however this characteristic is highly subjective. In fact, the acceleration of 160hp 1.8L engine was far more impressive than that of 2.0L FSI. Frankly, in the normal mode of operation, the Passat seemed somewhat depersonalized. Yes, the acceleration was still good and the high torque of 250Nm at 1500rpm allows you to quickly reach the desired speed. But the switch to a higher gear is a little earlier than I would like. It’s okay when stuck in city traffic, but outside the city, I had to part with precious seconds. The difference between the modes normal and sport is so significant, that it seems as if you changed not only the position of the gear stick, but also the car. The process of gear switch was longer and the engine sound got new and higher colorations. The alliance between the turbo engine and 6-speed automatic transmission looks self-sufficient and perfectly viable, so you needn’t worry about the fact that the Passat TSI is not equipped with the more sophisticated DSG transmission. It’s true that the ordinary transmission doesn’t change the gears with lightning speed- there are some tiny gaps when the gears are changed, but it’s just nitpicking. Fuel efficiency: although the manufacturer’s 11.3liters in-town is slightly different from reality, it’s still not a bad result. I particularly appreciated the silence and vibration isolation of the salon. In fact, the FSI wasn’t noisy either, but this one is quiet as a mouse. The brakes are responsive and reliable: the pads instantly dig into brake discs confidently slowing the sedan. But the system lacks more informativeness. On bumpy roads the chassis of the Passat demonstrated an optimal rigidity and didn’t allow the body to shake, and at the same time, it was so soft that those potholes remained unnoticed for me. I wouldn’t say that this Passat has undergone radical changes- it has just been improved through a new engine: slightly faster, a little quieter and certainly more fuel efficient.

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