BMW 330Ci Cabriolet

Nov 26, 2017
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Since the release of the first model in 1975, the BMW 3 series has become a unique and very popular car all over the world. The reason for this success is the combination of the best technical characteristics: inline engine, rear wheel drive, a choice of manual or automatic transmission and independent suspension. Over the years the concept of this model has not changed- a sports car for transportation of passengers and cargo. This powerful “pile of muscles” is designed to meet the highest standards of accuracy, reliability and durability. The production of 3 series was launched in 1999. By the year 2001, there were already 10 models on the production line, including two four-wheel sedans and a sport pickup. The 330 sedan and the coupe started to be released in June 2000. The version330 (2001) convertible completed the model line. The 330 Ci convertible was produced in Regensburg, Germany. The interior decorations and trimmings are available in one version. However, the highlight of the car is hidden under the hood. The car is equipped with a powerful inline-6 24-valve 3.0 L DOHC engine with VANOS system. This engine produces 231 HP at 5900 rpm, which is more than enough to make your adrenaline run high. The transmission is available in two versions: a standard 5-speed manual with a direct drive and an automatic 5-speed adaptive transmission. The latter can be used manually without using the clutch. The convertible is not available in four-wheel drive version. For such a car, it is vitally important to have a short barking distance. After accelerating the car to 100km/h, I slammed on the brake. The car moved about 31 meters, before stopping finally. Undoubted advantages: The powerful inline-6 engine has impressive characteristics! “Goodyear Eagle RS-A P205/50R17” tires together with the super suspension press the car tightly to the road. The suspension system consists of longitudinal and transverse rods, hydraulic cushions and a front stabilizer. The front and rear dual shock absorbers allow you to feel confident on any road. External visibility is excellent. The display and controls are located towards the driver like in a racing car, which is extremely convenient to use. The 330 Ci is undoubtedly comfortable both for the driver and passengers. The roof is perfectly made not only mechanically, but also aesthetically- it folds and unfolds through a simple press of a button. The entire process is automated- no fuss, no worries.

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