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It seems as though part of being a big time drug lord / dealer is equipping yourself with gold-plated guns. I don’t get it really, ok, well actually I do. What I gather from this phenomenon is that drug dealers are by nature, insecure, therefore, they need these shiny gold-plated guns to make up for their rather smallish dicks. Am I right? Why draw this kind of attention to yourself. It’s the greed and insecurity that gets them caught. A smart drug dealer, if there is such a thing, would know when to quit (IDK maybe when he has socked away a few million, you know, enough to live a comfortable yet modest life until death) but most of them are stupid and have to buy gold-plated guns, tigers and expensive cars, thereby drawing the envy of others and the attention of authorities. All that being said, here are some drug dealer guns…

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