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Not having taken the wheel yet, I started to discuss two things with a friend of mine: the beautiful appearance and high price of the Q7. Externally, the Q7 is really impressive: powerful, sporty, with an expressive radiator grille. The price is also impressive and you may ask yourself at once, ‘ but isn’t it a bit too much?’. To find an answer to this question, we need a proper examination of the interior and driving qualities of this huge SUV. The first and undeniable advantage was shown to me right at the sales center: thanks to magic air-suspension, the road clearance was lifted from 205 mm to 245 mm! Believe me that was very impressive. The air suspension has one more useful function: for a convenient loading/unloading, you can significantly lower the rear clearance. By the way, the rear door is equipped with an automatic electric drive. As for internal decoration and trimmings, there was nothing to carp at- everything was at the highest level. The only thing is that the middle console ,in front of the back seats, looks a bit rough with its dual air conditioning ducts but without 4-zone climate control. However, this little shortcoming is applicable only to the configuration of this Q7. It was very comfortable to use the multiplex interface of the MMI. Audi Q7 shares the same 4.2 FSI V8 engine with Audi R8. This engine is so perfectly balanced that produces both great power at high speeds (engine capacity- 350 hp, 0-100 km/h in 7.4 seconds) and an excellent rpm at low speeds (85% of the maximum torque was already achieved at 2000 rpm). Fuel consumption (for such a volume) is also pretty good- 19.5 /100 km in town. The car is aggressive in everything starting from the moment when you start the engine, so you needn’t rev up the engine to the full to feel it. I tried a Land Cruiser with a 4.0 engine soon after the test. Naturally, these are quite different cars. However I couldn’t get the same extreme form the LC. But the biggest surprise for me was that the Q7 demonstrated pure characteristics of a sedan in acceleration and maneuvers (amazing lightness and ease on the turnings). The proprietary Quadro System with redistribution of torque traction and self-locking interaxiall differential make the car more predictable both on and off-road. I could write a separate novel about the equipment of the Q7- the car is equipped with almost everything. Therefore, having driven the Q7, I can confidently say, ‘Yes, it is fairly worth its price’.

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