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Weblog Awards 2006: It Was Simply Lovely to be Nominated

Years ago I was simply enamoured over the Academy Awards…who wore what designer, who said what, etc. I always wondered what the stars really thought as they said, “Oh, it’s ok I didn’t win…really. It was such an honor to be placed among the other nominees.”

Right…sure….I always felt that deep inside they were probably tearing their awards program into tiny, tiny pieces and would throw themselves dramatically across their fur covered beds dissolving into a puddle of tears once they reached for the safety of home.

I may not ever think that way again because, honestly, I am honored to be among the six blogs who were eligible for votes in the education category for the Weblog Awards. Overall, there were forty-nine nominated blogs that were considered. Wow! Out of forty-nine History IsElementary placed in the top six. I’d say we are all winners (even many of those that weren’t nominated), but of course congrats goes out to Michael Berube, Ivy Gate, and Spunky Homeschool.
All of the six blogs in the education category were vastly different. Perhaps the folks at the Weblog Awards would consider breaking up the category of education a bit as it is a very broad area. I found this post by Mr. Person at Text Savvy endearing and an appropriate inquiry. I also appreciate the sentiments of Mr. McNamar at The Daily Grind.

It was such a shame that there were instances of inappropriate voting as seen here and here from the Weblog Award message boards.

Looking over the message boards it seems that several panties were in a bunch but no matter. This is not the biggest problem the world is facing today, and the whole thing is meant to be FUN.
So…here it goes…my loser speech….Thank you to everyone at the Weblog Awards and to the person who nominated me. Thank you to each and every person who clicked through to check me out and for each of you who supported me with a vote or votes. It was such an honor to be included with my fellow nominees. I hope some of you newbie readers stick around because History Is Elementary will begin its second year of historical and educational ramblings in January. My goal is to continue to share with you, teach you, learn from you, and continue to prove history IS elementary!

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