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the public enemy!

Plop Andrei – Provoker 

(Am I a revolutionary? Am I a Spy? Am I a gay? Did I work for interpol? Am I the new Nelson Mandela? Am I a Nazis? Who am I? ) 

The Russian embassy in Chisinau has more than a thousand employees, more employees than the presidency of the Republic of Moldova, although in the recent scandal between Sua and Russia the number of diplomats in both Russia and Sua reached 750. The US population has 300 million Of citizens, the population of Russia reaches 140 million citizens, the population of the republic of Moldova has 3.5 million citizens! The logical question is: why are they attached to many Russian diplomats in Moldova? On the one hand, we have the Russian military base in Transnistria, the 14th army, and the second is that Moldova has the common border with Romania and speaks the same language!

During the Cold War, when Romania Socialist was a member of the Warsaw Treaty Organization, the Soviets obtained the most information from their Romanian partners. The public statement of the Ceausescu when the Soviets entered the Czechoslovakia with tanks did nothing else but to increase the sympathy of Western states over Romania! With the disappearance of the Warsaw Treaty Organization, Russia’s interest towards Romania has not fallen, and since its membership in NATO, interest in Romania has increased.

While I was studying in Romania for two years, the Americans did not have an ambassador in Romania, and the US military base at Deveselu (Romania) is totally supervised by Americans, the Romanians having no access to American technology! A state like the US has no right to say no ambassadors prepared for Romania, it was a diplomatic gesture open to Romania.

In all official statements, both Romania and the US declare each other they are strong allies. One of the most effective methods of recruiting Romanian diplomats by the FSB branch of Moldova (SIS) is the girls! One case is that of Ambassador Ion Nuica, when he was posted on the Internet when he was in a relationship with a Moldavian girls. Although these cases are not publicly used or publicly posted, they are used as blackmail tools.

Let’s say that a diplomat was filmed with a Moldovan woman having sex with a foreign diplomat, In the immediate aftermath, he becomes aware of this fact, in return for protecting the secret of this filming, the diplomat will have to fulfill some favors, will be offered money and prospects for career growth in his home country, for he Is not the only case in this situation, such people who spent the nights with the beautiful Moldovan girls are very many!

It is enough to watch the press statements of the Russians and their affiliates in Romania and Moldova will come up with reactions! The next question that needs to be put. he’s an affiliated person or a useful idiot! Another case of discrediting is that of former Prime Minister Vlad Filat. First, a pro-Russian politician from Moldova, Renato Usatii comes with documents in which he reveals methods of money laundering, maybe stupidly or because he is inexperienced in the press conference that he has obtained this information from Romania !, Probably from affiliated people who now have to make favors!

The grace was given to the former prime minister when a video was published on the net when he had sex with the mistress! Thus destroying the family, and then closed for tax evasion! It is a classic KGB method, although some cases use tools such as rape. In the ex-Soviet space, if you go to prison for rape, you yourself become the doll in prison for the detainees!

The question is for the Romanian Intelligence Service if they analyzed these leaks! Maybe they will still do an internal investigation! . Such filming is public only when the politician no longer has any value or becomes a public danger to other agents! The same method was used by Vladimir Putin against a prosecutor when he investigates the affairs of the Eltin family! That prosecutor has become a danger and appeared at the right time video material as he had sex with two Russians! When you start working in politics in the ex-Soviet space, you have to dedicate yourself to the family! , And if you are not ready for For this you either do not work in politics or do not make your family! When I started to work in politics within the opposition, being also an anticommunist, I started carefully to choose my friends! I never slept from the first day of my acquaintance, I invite a few times in a place, I would also make some selfies for any eventuality with that person so as not to be blamed for rape! Better masturbate than to be raped! At the end of 2013, the beginning of 2014 in Ukraine began protests against Yanukovych’s regime! I will not go into the details why they started! But in January following a debate with other 40 people on the events in Ukraine, I made the analysis that the Russians will most likely start the force against ukraine after the winter games, and if I were instead of the Russians I would get the Crimea (Where there is a military base)

This course was supported by the then President of Romania’s security adviser on security matters! It was about getting kicked out of the master program! The worst seems to me that I was right, because after the Russians took the Crimea I started to have very big problems that reminded me of the Voronin regime! I was lucky to have been selected for an internship in the Polish Parliament in the National Defense Commission!

For three months I felt very good in Warsaw, now I was no refuge, I was a intern in parliament! It was the most wonderful program I attended! And most of the trainees had 2 higher education and they spoke at least 3 foreign languages! I also had a very good friendship relationship with the interns from Germany!

I had as a mentor a deputy from the parliament of Poland who was a member of solidarity, she is also called the general lady in the skirt! Being one of the people who had a special role to play as a member of NATO! Towards the end of the internship I met with a fairly inerrant situation, I met an Armenian girl two times on the same day in Warsaw, and after a few days I met her again at the church. Later I learned that she was admitted to an internship at the Armenian Embassy in Warsaw!

When I was in Poland I was admitted to an internship at the Romanian Ministry of Defense, but when I arrived in Romania, They told to methat I was no longer accepted! The logic was that I would come to Romania and that the Poles would not offer me a job and stay forever in Poland! I have to admit it was a pretty good plan! Once I came back from Poland, I started to work on the master’s role Mass-Media in reflecting geopolitical conflicts!

Studying the role of Mass Media in the Russian Federation! It was rather an introduction how to revolutionize the Russian Federation in 2018 in the presidential election as well as an analysis of a conflict in Ukraine! Again, my discrediting started using abusive, aggressive techniques! It was very difficult to initially say the classic story of making a rape and a drug case!

First of all, I was not a public person, I was not known to anyone, I was very careful in choosing my girlfriend! I was so careful that they all started to blame me for being GAY! In both Romania and Moldavia the majority of the population is of Orthodox Christian religion, if you say GAY you have no chance to work in politics, you are a political corpse, and in gay parades in Moldova, people with different sexual orientation are met With punches and stones! . Even with drugs I could not blame, because I did not even smoke, and I spent all my life in sports for six years I started Judo (one year), later football, sports and popular dances and the last practiced sport is taekwon-do!

It seemed to me strangely the calm position of the Russians throughout the protest of the maidan, in the presidential elections between Yushchenko and Yanukovych, the Russians were very active, but they understood that no matter what no one will do or will say no Will take their actions seriously, and then they have changed strategy! Ukrainian oligarchs and the state department will finance the protests and we will reap the fruits.

It’s enough to look at the map to understand what Russia’s foreign policy is and if you still have a search on the net and see that they have the military base in the Crimea everything becomes very clear! Very few analysts have been able to predict this event, and I, a poor student who has only knowledge and nothing else, had the nerve to do this analysis and give a handful to all the secret services in Romania and they are 6 in number!

The number of employees in secret service in Romania exceeds the number of employees of Germany and of France in one place!
Analyzes of the conflict in Ukraine, Russia’s policy of making them permanent, without gaining any cent! Until they started to register and publish my analyzes on the net! The problem is that Russians have access to the net, and if you publish that analysis on the net, it is obvious that the Russians will take countermeasures and develop another strategy! Since then I have stopped doing such analyzes!

But my question is why they do it and do not use it. Some people try to use me in their political games, and in this game many very prosperous Moldovans who have been active during the Soviet Union KGB and GRU, the most obvious case is a former Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Who worked in GRU and who likes “elephants”.
Those who are analyzing the ex-Soviet space and especially Russia are aware of the fact (perhaps also because of the profession that its president had once become a security services , remain a security services for the rest of his life. This diabolical game has come in and the Russians affiliates in Romania!

In a Europe of multiculturalism, where human rights are respected especially in the founding countries of the EU, to my surprise in 2015, I was invited to a human rights conference in Slovakia by an organization based in Brussels. The aim of the organization was to promote multiculturalism and defend human rights regardless of their ethnic origin or sexual orientation. When I found out that I was invited to this conference, you covered from Romania and Moldova started blaming me for being a Nazi, and especially hating Gypsies and Jews. If you go to any market in Romania you will find gypsies selling smuggling cigarettes from Moldova.

The smuggling of cigarettes is tolerated by both Romanian and Moldovan authorities. If the Moldovan authorities violate some commitments to Romania then the smuggling cigarette trucks (without documents of origin) are stopped at the customs of Romania and they give all the posts in Romania this flagrant! It is just a message for Moldovan authorities that they have to respect their commitments. They did not try to cross the border if they were not sure that the Romanian customs officers would cross the border! In most such cases you are taken by surprise. Following this contraband, both Moldovan and Romanian authorities have won. Private individuals trying to smuggle cigarettes are immediately caught and arrested!

It’s impossible to find cigarettes in the car’s tires And do not find yourself in a truck full of cigarettes, and having a cutting-edge technology at customs! In other words, people trying to compete with the state are harshly punished. Obviously, the mafia from the highest level has found all sorts of characters to blame for racism.

The discredit, humiliation of a person is accomplished by the young generation from Moldova, Romania and the children of those who gain from the smuggling cigarette sales! Moldovan millenarians working in Romania and their Romanian affiliates propose to these young people to work in an elite NGO, they are given enormous amounts of money and career growth prospects! This young generation from Moldova and Romania whom I call Chamberlain (useful idiots in which I do not understand what game they entered!)

They discredited me so much that the organizers of the conference in Slovakia asked me why I hate gypsies. And one of the guests was a gypsy deputy to have my reaction!
  The people who invited me did not know whom to believe me or the Chamberlain. During this seminar we had excursions. One of them was wine tasting.

I have seen that the participants are in a good mood. I downloaded a song from the net from a gypsy movie (the Gypsy camp goes to the sky). I invited a girl to dance (although she could not dance, I told her they had nothing to do, and I was going to dance you in your jury! In Moldova those who practice folk dances learn to dance and dance gypsies, and I have I started dancing around the girl’s gypsy dance!

I danced at weddings in Moldova both popular and gypsy, it was a form of earning money in free time! . Throughout the seminar, I have not asked any questions about why I hate gypsies, but have such questions raised if I am anti-Semitic? I had no way of being an anti-Semite since I was living with a Jew in the room for more than 6 months!

When I returned to Romania, all kinds of accusations followed, and my friends were sent all kinds of messages on the social networks depending on the person: if my friend was an Orthodox Christian they were sent messages that they were gay, if My friend was a Jew He was sending messages that I was a terrorist, if he was Arab they were sent to be Jewish or mossad, if he was American I was a Russian spy, if the Russian was sending I was an American agent. Some have begun to believe, others have proposed or proposed to work in this elite NGO.

They were proposing a lot of money from a few thousand to tens of thousands to record our discussions to give inciteous, provocative questions and some talks were broken under the context and only the message they wanted was sent to me in which I appeared in a Pretty bad position! I found out that among these characters there were quite close friends, some of them bought apathy, among the close people there was my sister who recorded me and sent information to information services

Everybody won huge money, but I did not have to win any cent, even as I try to win immediately I was blocked! The question I was asking is to send them in intimate places or to mislead them. If they realize that I have learned that they will destroy me, so at least I had the chance to survive and live freely!

I decided then that I would be lying 24/24 hours, I would use all my political abilities to mislead them, believing that I would play by their rules but actually they played according to my rules. If a person was sneaking in front of me, I never try to prove to him that I’m smarter than him!

I gave him the feeling that he was manipulating me, as he leads me, not knowing he dances by my rules. Some Romanian parties have started to use me to win political dividends, I try to play when on the other side. Keeping to some extent a neutrality! Some secret service was trying through such methods to win a bigger budget for the service he was running!

No one has or has been allowed to register, film me, or use my name for advertising purposes! My analysis includes the National Defense Pact proposed by President Santa Claus (do you know who is the president of Romania) Brexit in 2015, the possibility that Le Pain could be elected and thus lead to the destruction of the European Union, the election of Trump as president.

I’m the one who invented that Russian tanks will invade Moldova (in this case I sent e-mail in December 2015 a Romanian presidential administration and the defense ministry that contained the following information that protests will probably take place next month and it is is possible. the Ukrainian scenario in Moldova.

My logic was the following: at the leadership of Moldova there was the so-called alliance for European integration (which had nothing to do with the values ​​of the European Union) and that they discredited as much as possible the EU. Most EU delegations say in press conferences that Moldova is a successful country!

Even after one billion euros was stolen Moldova, but European diplomats declared Moldova a successful country! The people who prepared the protests did not do the most important thing and to inform the people in Brussels! the governments in Chisinau and Bucharest was to declare a coup d’etat and the persons guilty of organizing this protest were to be arrested! When you steal a billion euros and have so many enemies across the continent, the pimp does everything possible to stand in the hands of the state, including crimes! The leadership of Moldova was also President Timofti, who was not a communist! And the image of the Moldovan oligarch was like a promoter of democratic values fighting with the Russians!

After the presidential elections in autumn 2016, diplomats from the EU opened their eyes and began to openly criticize this government! Let’s say I was not right! But I just sent an email that I did not receive from the presidency or the defense ministry. To all this I add that I have never been employed by any public institution!

No one was forced to believe me! At least now to give them free analysis! You want analyzes – money in my bank account! I’m not forced to do the volunteer when somebody earn a huge amounts of money! And to all this the tries to destroy me! The difference between the 2009 protest of the twitter revolution was that there was a communist regime in power in the 2015 it was considered by Europeans to be a democratic ! Nobody likes when someone tells him that he is not right, I understand that very quickly that even until today I bear the consequences!

I studied at 3 universities, all of them private universities, I paid a lot of money, and I lost a lot of time in the library to get to the level of analysis I am at! If Andrei Nastase was arrested now, I did not have any form of protest in Moldova!

Now the Moldovan president is Dodon who is a pro-Russian, no one in the EU dares to say that the current leadership is pro-European, and the voting by the group led by Plahotniuk and Dodon has only opened the eyes of diplomats, even And under these conditions there are diplomats in Washington (through lobby podesta) and in Brussels (especially those lobbying from Bucharest) that Plahotniuc is the last instrument in front of Dodon to reach the government!

I do not even know how to make this happen! Probably the best solution is to say No comment !!! The change had to be made following democratic elections, which took place in autumn 2016! I remain at the idea that Nastase should not withdraw from the electoral campaign, I appreciate the gesture, but did not have to withdraw from the electoral campaign! Any woman working in politics knows that it is easier for them to get votes from men than women!

Plop Andrei – Provoker 

(Am I a revolutionary? Am I a Spy? Am I a gay? Did I work for interpol? Am I the new Nelson Mandela? Am I a Nazis? Who am I? ) 

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