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Did I work for interpol?

Plop Andrei – Provoker 

(Am I a revolutionary? Am I a Spy? Am I a gay? Did I work for interpol? Am I the new Nelson Mandela? Am I a Nazis? Who am I? ) 

Any soldier involved in military conflicts is a little scared and this is normal
Because only sick mental people are not afraid. Any actor who comes out on the scene has little emotion and this is natural! Every politician needs to take protective measures. According to an English diplomat quote, a politician must survive until Friday afternoon and a diplomat must develop a strategy that will be valid for years too!

When you have crossed the red line you become an incompatible person you have to expect that in the environment in which you are working you will probably be called paranoid! In diplomacy, everyone plays according to agreed rules and whoever breaks these rules is harshly punished! Countries with nuclear weapons can afford to cross these red lines many times, and the most common example is Russia, which does not play according to agreed rules. I never talked about the following information, and from me will be more better if I do not talk about this event if I will speak I will be declared a paranoid person!

The only ones who can confirm this are the Hungarian authorities only, suppose for a moment that they will confirm this event, the media reaction in Romania will be that it is a challenge of Hungary and that the aim is to discredit Romania, they will also be brought to the discussion Anything related to transylvania in what context it does not matter anymore!

Very often I went to the National Carol Library in Bucharest, it was a nice place with many books! One of the best books ever written by any Romanian author is Pacepa’s book, “Red Horizons,” but this book is also not to be found in a public library, for the simple reason that Ceasusescu has declared the enemy of the people! You can order it online on the net in several languages!

As Ceausescu says: the Germans and the Jews are the best merchandise for export! In 2014, romanian ( etnic German) was chosen as President, and I like to call him Santa Klaus (look for his name on the net and you will understand why). For those who have worked during Ceausescu’s time and their descendants, it is very difficult to accept that a romanian ( etnic German) (who was once the export merchant) is now leading the country!

The president’s wife was opened criminal files, and the president himself is invited by the descendants of those who have activated in the communist regime in court for some houses! It is a classic process to put pressure on your loved ones and to have a pressure tool on the President of Romania!

For almost three years, President Santa Klaus did not have room for maneuver in Romania because of security And their blackmail methods, when he wanted to make a change that disturbed the former security guards, Santa Klaus was invited to the courts to remind him that he was vulnerable and did not bother them, Only in the summer of 2017 with a great effort of people want to make a change in Romania and obviously the president of Romania gave them out of key posts of people with a dubious past!
This s
teps has not yet ended! Following that others who hold the teeth of these posts will be released!

Reading the book of Pacepa had the feeling that it was a Deja vu for me,
 The same strategies that were used in the time of the Ceausescu are used successfully and nowadays among the best known methods are the Nazi terms,
Terrorist like security loved to listen to special technical devices any discussion and watch online porn without the actors knowing that they are being watched! The right to private life and the secrecy of correspondence were totally violated.

In order to listen to or watch online porn, security requires a judge’s permission, but in order to obtain such permission you must declare that the porn star is a terrorist or a foreign spy! I want to point out that no individual or legal person has, did not have permission to record or shoot me! And if someone has such signatures please immediately notify the competent authorities for false in private signature papers!

In the summer of 2015, I was supposed to support my master work, which was a more gifted form of how the West could introduce democracy to the Russian Federation with the help of the media, and also provided some aspects of how the Conflict in Ukraine would be assessed.

But the work was not accepted on the grounds that I had grammatical mistakes, I admit that I had for myself always important content and not the form!

Being a student at two faculties at the same time and having to think permanently how to do the challenges, I felt the need to rest outside!

There were promotions on the Bucharest-Budapest train tickets, one of the conditions of the promotion is to buy the ticket three days ahead! I bought the cheapest Bucharest-Budapest ticket with a Czech destination! Whoever traveled with trains in Romania can confirm with a very low speed, with poor quality seats and without air conditioning, this was the place reserved by me in a couchette! In Bucharest we were just two people in this cabin, we were in the last wagon.

After cluj there was added a wagon, (my wagon was not the last one). They were climbing all sorts of characters in the cabin that was already full, they stood on foot and smelled awful but the last car was free and no one was going! After crossing the border with Hungary I saw that the wagon is free and in the cab in which I sit is full and barely breathing I asked the Hungarian conductor if I can move into this free wagon! I was allowed!

It was just me and the Hungarian citizen! I started the computer and started looking at movies I downloaded from the torrent in Bucharest. A Romanian Roma (so as not to be blamed again as a racist, I explain things as they were) went to the back of the wagon! But he did not see him come back and I did not see him on the back seats! After 10-15 minutes I went to the back of the bathroom and I saw that the toilet was free and the open door opened! I announced to the Hungarian conductor that the outside door is open! The Hungarian conductor announced the competent bodies and at the next station two police officers came to me and asked if they could take a seat next to me! Stopping in station took longer! I was seeing all sorts of people checking our wheels, and above me I heard the steps!

When someone came into the wagon, the cops put their arms on their arms, and after their attitude and look I realized they were ready to shoot! From the discussion I had with the cops I understood that they had obtained information from the competent bodies and that they were ready for any emergency situation! I was advised by police officers not to get on the trains, especially those in Romania, because the Hungarians like only new year and Christmas fireworks. It was the first time I started to respect the cops!

On December 1, 2016, a Romanian of Hungarian ethnicity was arrested by the competent authorities and was accused of terrorism! December 1 is a national day, and it is a very important day for Romania, and the Hungarian ethnicity was blamed for preparing a fireworks bomb! Following this arrest, a Romanian intelligence service has increased its budget!

I was thinking about the situation I was going through and the challenge prepared for the Hungarians of the former security! I was lucky, and I temporarily escaped death but not that citizen! Taking into account that the regime’s followers have a problem with ethnic Hungarians, who have to face them constantly with security challenges. The vast majority of ethnic Hungarians voted Santa Claus and enjoyed support from the president! At any meeting of the president with ethnic Hungarians is harshly criticized by the media loyal to security! As the presidency has to cope with the internal challenges of security, and then it has to cope with external challenges!
I arrived in the Czech Republic and I stayed in a student hostel! I did not come to believe what happened in Hungary, I needed two weeks to come back and accept that it is possible and such situations!

After this event, the Chamberlain’s actions were doubled against me! Spending huge amounts of money for my denigration! Only this time I’m in the Czech Republic and they have wronged the country! The Czech Republic with two revolutions against the Soviet regime quickly understood what is happening! I felt support from the Czech authorities, because the denigration actions against me reminded the Communist repressions against Czechoslovakia, and some who failed then to revenge on the communist system did it with the guys who followed me in permanent!

So the authorities decided to give them a lesson! I do not know the people who supported a football team in Prague (that they were civilians in the civilian) met with the Chamberlains and they explained nicely what the boxing rules were, all the football echoes participated in this theoretical training “With a lot of knockouts!” The “theoretical” lesson was very quickly understood so that for two months I stayed quietly in the Czech Republic!

The Law School lasts 4 years in Romania and I only studied 3, and at the Masters I did not support the master’s work! I have studied a lot but I did not have documents confirming that I have studied! After the Bucharest-Budapest train case, I had no desire to go back to Romania, especially because I did not have the money to buy a plane ticket! I do not care what the security guards will be after the train failure and the “box theoretical” lesson in Prague! It was a difficult situation for me! I had to find a solution to finish my studies!

After the events of 6-7 April 2009 (Twitter revolution), I was starting to resume! And now I have to run again, to stay hidden! Then I decided to change my strategy! Due to the fact that I was photographed with a radio station (some found shields, other helmets because they were stoned by protesters) and in every documentary I appeared as a provocator! When I came back from the “forced journey” (I stood hidden), many people blamed me for being a provocateur!

I was already tired of all the insults and accusations that were being made to me then! No matter what I said, they all thought I was a cop! That at one point I exploded and told a person to be silent, that I would take him to prison right now! That person silently, apologized!

Then I thought: If they still consider me a cop, why do they use that? When someone started insulting me, it did not start well and I was already going to threats that I’m going to open a criminal case now! (Inventing an article, depending on the situation and saying: according to the article … provided in .. is punished with imprisonment!

People who were trying to harm me were calming down very quickly, and some were beginning to apologize! It was much more pleasant to me than the situations when I had to explain: I found the station on foot, I was not a cop, I was not provocative! I had the picture saved on an email address, and I decided to publish it on a social network (knowing that it would be taken over by colleagues from the group who were touring and that they would forward it) both the image and the content of the text was That I work in the International Police (Continue Interpol) in the Counterterrorism Department and in the period from 2010 to 2012 (when I was an asylum seeker) my mission was to get as much information from the Arabs!

The fact that I was a refugee was a well-known fact that there are very many Arabs in refugee camps, and the radio station image seemed to tell the truth! I returned from Prague to Budapest by train, and from Budapest by coach I arrived in Oradea and Oradea in Bucharest! The attitude of the Chamberlains changed radically, and the policemen who knew me with a very wide smile gave me a special greeting to the job! To the question of being specific to the cop? I never said yes, and I never denied!

Especially after I met the two Hungarian policemen and the fans of the Czech team, I started to respect the policemen for their hard work! It is known that in most states, regardless of whether democracy or dictatorship is a competition between security and police! Security works for their own interest, to put their people in a key position in the states’ leadership, while police officers work in the best interests of the citizen. The security did not stop to denigrate, they continued to destroy me even more, and some became so obsessive to destroy me that people around did not understand why those people are hating me! Some people blame me for being a Nazi (suppose I am a Nazi for 5 minutes) does this mean they have to destroy a person? It is clear that the reason is quite different! They invested so much to destroy me that they started to hire more people to to destroy me!

My talks were recorded by colleagues, friends, and besides the fact that they were in charge, they also earned a lot of money! In a very short time you saw that the people who registered me bought cars, apartments! Everyone around me wins out of me! Some records seemed to be published by me, although I have never recorded anyone! In this misery, Romanians from abroad were also drawn, and in turn, their friends from the respective countries! Companies were also attracted, advertising in different forms! All the information, recordings or pictures on the net do not belong to me!

Plop Andrei – Provoker 

(Am I a revolutionary? Am I a Spy? Am I a gay? Did I work for interpol? Am I the new Nelson Mandela? Am I a Nazis? Who am I? ) 

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