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I’m still alive

Plop Andrei – Provoker 

(Am I a revolutionary? Am I a Spy? Am I a gay? Did I work for interpol? Am I the new Nelson Mandela? Am I a Nazis? Who am I? ) 

In the spring of 2014 I spent three months in Poland, in the summer of 2015 I spent two months in the Czech Republic, and in 2016 I had to go somewhere to rest from all the mistresses of the Chamberlains so in October 2016 I applied for the program Work and Travel in the US. Although I applied very early, in May 2016 the agency to which I paid all the program fees did not prepare the necessary papers to present me to the embassy!

Although I was 27 years old, I wanted to go to the United States with this program yet, but because of the revolution I have not left! Those from the agency were taking time and I did not understand why, and when I realized it was already too late to apply to another agency. The person responsible for preparing the documents was of Roma origin, and I did not know that the business was just a money-laundering method! And on the other side, chmaberlaini feared that if I went to the US I would never go back to Romania.

I was nauseated by all the chamberlain pigs and we could hardly resist! On May 7 I was at the US Embassy in Bucharest, and I deposited all the copies I collected for the Work and Travel program and also contained a letter with my wish to participate in the program, to get acquainted with US democracy as well as a small analysis of the elections to be held in autumn 2016 in Moldova

Most likely in Moldova, Dodon will win, but next question we will do after the elections! I remember exactly that day, because it was a Saturday, celebrating in Romania the day of the European Union! I sent a fax, I called the embassy but they did not come with any reaction! I supported my master’s thesis in the third attempt, and in law school I was in the last year and I had the licensed work but because of a backlog I did not support it. Probably because of the same reason: since I will have all the documents I will leave Romania and I will not return!

So at least I had a pause and I had to stay in Romania for another three months! I was admitted to a volunteer program in Denmark! It started on 1 August and I had to learn and work in Denmark for one year, then 8 months in Africa as a teacher for children and another 4 months in Denmark! I bought a Bucharest-Berlin flight ticket for July 28, 2016.

In 2016 I participated in a contest about refugees. Most of the participants were from the faculty of law! I was asylum seeker in three countries, I knew the Romanian legislation as well as the European directives on refugees better than the organizers and the culmination is that we have not passed the last stage!

A very experienced teacher looks at the student and 80% can make a feature without the student saying anything, and if he holds a lecture and looks into the eyes of the students he realizes whether the student understands something or not, if Has prepared the theme or not! I was not a teacher but I studied in three universities and spent a lot of time in the library but looking in the eyes of the students I saw that some people do not understand what it is but passed the test!
At the beginning of July, I was still in the student home of the university and I had to wait another three weeks until my departure from Romania to Germany, and from Berlin to Denmark by coach!

Law colleagues organized the graduation ball, which I was supposed to attend (even if I did not graduate) but I told them that rather than paying for this ball I’d better drink it on the beach in Bulgaria. In the middle of July I woke up with a very good mood, I told the manager of the home that I was leaving and for three hours I was on the border with Bulgaria!

I was sure I would cross the border because one of the documents required for the Work and Travel program is if you have restrictions to leave the country and you are allowed to travel to the US! I was sure about to pass and I passed! But instead of going to sea I bought a ticket to Sofia. Getting the next day in Sofia, I sat down on a chair in the park, took my sandwich out of my backpack and started to eat.

It caught my attention that two dogs smelled my backpack but when I smelled my backpack and a German Shepherd I thought something was wrong! I checked all the clothes and it was okay, just left the laptop! . I found inside her packages of white matter! The idea was that I had to be arrested at Otopeni airport on July 28 when I had to go to Germany, but even if I did not return to Romania, I was already arrested at Sofia Airport as a drug dealer! But because we crossed the Romanian border with Bulgaria and the backpack did not pass through the scanner I crossed the border! .

If I was not in the park and I was not smelled of dogs most likely arrested me in Bulgaria and who was to believe me that they are not mine! I threw the white packets into a toilet, bought a Sofia-Milan ticket at Wizz-Air and crossed the border! I was damn happy! I prayed to the lord all the flight! I met a Moldovan friend in Trento, with whom I have been attracted to taekwon-do in Moldova.

I had heard from many people that my sister pours me to security and that her mission is to destroy me! But I received confirmation from this friend that she was receiving money for any talk recorded on skype. Getting money from her! Being the most insistent person in the group who wants my elimination! And that she talks with a vice-director of a secret service in Romania! And money comes from different companies both in Moldova and Romania!

(This deputy director was replaced in 2017)

If anyone believes that this whole project was possible without the support of Romanian security, it is badly mistaken! I know her possibilities, I know why she is in a position and why not! I told my friend that we would have a few talks on skype, lest someone suspect you told me that we would end any discussion!

I arrived at the Danish organization a week later I explained to them that I am anxious to start the program and that I could not wait for another week! When we were in the Czech Republic we were talking with only one person, in Denmark we talked with many volunteers and to my surprise, the misery in Romania was exported to Denmark! It has reached a different level, many companies, interest groups, corporations, but who did not know the real motive of this game were attracted! All volunteers received messages according to religion, country, membership! I could not blame someone publically for being immediately opening a criminal case in Romania (although I was only studying in Romania). The organization in Denmark where I volunteered to learn Marxist ideology. Something I did not like, but because I wanted to help some African children I said I would give up some principles temporarily! I had a scandal with the teacher right on my birthday! After this conflict I decided I had to go!

That I have no reason to stay in this organization. I had to make a change, end this miserable circus! The question I was asking is whether I will resist or not! (I will remain free or alive!)

I spent only three months in Denmark, after which I decided to go to a more exotic destination, for me it was important that the next destination was to be Orthodox and to take off at sea and where human rights are respected and where I could Live from my minimal resources so I do not die of hunger.

I chose Georgia! Throughout my life, the Georgians helped me, a country with a very religious population, very sloppy and with a character! There was a problem, as in October was the electoral company in Georgia, and my revolutionary reputation was declared “non-grata” even at customs. The biggest advantage in Georgia is that all EU citizens have the right To stay on Georgia for one year without any registration.

And if I wanted to organize an international training, it was very easy for most states to have no restrictions on traveling to Georgia! If I went to Georgia during the election campaign, Georgian leadership would have thought I was a Saakashvili messenger or at least theoretically a new revolution! Regardless of why I would have told the Georgian authorities they would not have believed me, I still did not think if anyone was telling me! I bought a Berlin-Athens ticket and Athens-Yerevan (Armenia) According to Armenia’s current law, EU citizens have the right to stay in Armenia for 21 days without a visa!

After 20 days in Armenia, I went to Georgia! I met a very old Georgian friend, I suddenly felt the hospitality of the Georgians. A very friendly people, with very old traditions, with very tasty food and very, very beautiful national dances! I got the attention of Georgian police professionals! I would say that according to their level of training and professionalism they are clearly superior to those of the European Union! It returned very quickly to the misery of the past, but the Georgians quickly understood what was happening!

I enjoy the support of the Georgians. The situation in Georgia is a little different, Georgia wants to be a member of the European Union and has to play the rules imposed by Brussels. In all the blame that was being brought, the Georgian population was being nauseated by such actions. Although their tendency was to denigrate me it is totally the opposite! I was also at the German Embassy in Tbilisi where I filed the papers for an internship in the German Parliament! I had decided to organize a training on human rights, multiculturalism, racism, xenophobia! There were a lot of people at the event.

So I had where to choose! The secret of correspondence has been violated again! And the people who participated in the event in Georgia received emails from other people who were offered to take part in seminars, trainings in EU member states, providing accommodation, transport money and pocket money!

My initial idea was to organize an event with the slogan “I am a participant, I am an organizer! “

In which each participant in this training did not have to know who the organizers are! Among the participants were my friends too! I received that information from them! Some of them went to other trips for free! Others, in their capacity as participants, had to come to the Georgia event, in which they themselves had to pay their flight ticket, accommodation, tickets for city transportation and what they ordered at the restaurant!

Very many participants quit the project, I could not cope with the competition, and there is the possibility that among those who remained at least one chamberlain! I had no way of knowing everything from inside. Or what challenges I’m getting ready for! When I got the information they wanted to destroy me from the Georgians, I decided to speak publicly in video on social networks.

In the next step, all my social networking accounts have been blocked, including a 105,000 page where we promote different opportunities for students to attend seminars in more countries!

Knowing the methods by which they could eliminate me, I decided to talk about them on youtube! The information from the Georgians informed me that a request for arrest has come to me and that they will have to arrest me!

Although in Georgia I was 9 months old and the last time I was Romania was 12 months ago 2016! I bought a Kutaisi-Munich ticket on July 22, and I announced it at the end of June! Georgia is an Orthodox Christian country, and if a politician is blamed for being Judas, and he later confirms by his deeds that he is Judas, that politician is considered to be a political corpse!

Hearing an oligarch from Georgia! The Chamberlain’s stupidity was that they blamed me for working in Interpol, they were so convincing that border police believed them! And I did not even deny it! They probably wanted to demonstrate to the participants that I am not a human rights activist and I am a police officer on duty! I bought a Kutaisi-London ticket in early July and the same day we left Georgia! I was greeted with respect by the Border Police with a salute specific to the profession! I admit that I have lied many times and besides all this I am also an Orthodox Christian.

But why do I have to tell them the truth of some people who want to destroy me, I do not want to ease their lives! I’ll lie 24/24 hours to these people until they leave me alone! Why I have to do free analysis on what occasion. Until my arrival in London I’m trying to hide or stay away doing my best to see me! I stayed for two days in London in two different airports, and the reaction I was expecting from the Chamberlain was at hand! The Londoners, especially the employees, wondered: what the hell did you do, they hate you so much! What have you done wrong? But we will find out very quickly!

From London I went to Aarhus (Denmark) from Aarhus to Copenhagen (here I was only 6 hours) was an attempt to steal my bag, but I recovered it very quickly! And at 6 am I left Bla Bla Car to Hamburg where the G20 summit took place, I only stayed for 2 hours, after which I took the Hamburg-Berlin-Frankfurt train! I crossed the border of Poland through Slubice where a cycling contest took place!

The circus continued in Warsaw!

Plop Andrei – Provoker 

(Am I a revolutionary? Am I a Spy? Am I a gay? Did I work for interpol? Am I the new Nelson Mandela? Am I a Nazis? Who am I? ) 

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